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The Creator’s TOV Standard for Measuring Life

After completing Its first creative act, the Creator observed the light (of life). It measured what It saw by a Standard and the light measured “TOV.” This word is usually translated “good,” but good is a word with a wide range of meanings -- morally excellent; virtuous; righteous;well-behaved;fertile. TOV is a very important word because it is the Creator’s Standard and reveals Its Values. Therefore, we are going to let context and culture define it. Read the complete blog at --

The First Act of Creation

In the earlier blog -- The Meaning of Create – we discussed the definition options for BARA, the Hebrew translated “created” in many translations. They all shared a common idea -- “changing the shape of something that already exists.” BARA” does not mean “to create something out of nothing.” Something must exist first, before one can create. In Genesis 1:2 we discovered the three things that existed before the creation process began. Read the complete blog at --

What Does Peace on Earth and Good Will Toward Men Mean?

If you have ever participated in a Christmas play or been in the audience, you are very familiar with this scene:
Suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God and saying:
Glory to God in the highest, Peace on earth and good will toward men.
That is the translation I memorized in Sunday School before I was old enough to go to elementary school. Today, I have a different understanding of the words of the angels – an understanding that reflects the Jewish culture of the shepherds, the family of Jesus and the Jewish nation of the first century. Let’s begin with a new translation:
Glory to God in the Highest Heavens, And on the Earth, SHALOM upon people of good will.
The form in which the text is written is called a parallelism, which means the two lines are related in a format in which relationships and meanings of words are highlighted. The  layout below will help you see those relationships better:
Glory to God in the Highest Heavens.

SHALOM upon people of good wi…

The Mysteries of the Beginning

When an elohiym began creating the Heavens and the Earth, the Earth did not exist.   Darkness wasover the surface of deep waters. The presence of the elohiym hovered above the surface of the waters. Genesis 1:1-2

The Hebrew word elohiym is a theologically loaded that is translated God, god, gods, goddess, goddesses, angels and judges in the Hebrew Scriptures. The theologies of the translators usually determine how it is translated. In this ancient wisdom account, we are going to allow the Hebrew text to contextually define elohiym for us. Read the complete blog at --

Yeshua: Teacher of Righteousness

Over 200 years before the birth of Yeshua (Yeshua), a central figure in the Essene community at Qumran was called “the Teacher of Righteousness.” He was extolled as having a proper understanding of the Torah and qualified to accurately teach it, as well as being one through whom God revealed “the hidden things” to the community. His name is not known, but it is important to remember the attributes linked to him:
(1) He taught his followers TZEDEQ (righteousness).
(2) He had a high level of understanding of the Torah and was qualified to accurately teach it.
(3) He revealed “hidden things” to the community.
Over the years other famous Jewish teachers arose who were also described as Teachers of Righteousness:
● a Sadducee (Zadokite) priest
● Hyrcanus II
● Hillel the Elder
● James, brother of Yeshua
Messianic ideas emerged about a figure “like” the Teacher of Righteousness who will appear before the Great Day of Judgment. The author of the Gospel of Matthew connects ideas Jewish readers would…

Forgiveness of Sins

Take a few moments to consider how you would answer the following questions.
(1) How many of your sins do you want God to forgive?
(2) How many sins of the person you hate the most are you willing to forgive?
(3) What does that person you hate the most have to do for you to forgive him or her?
(4) What if God required you to do those same things to receive forgiveness?
How do you think Jesus would answer those questions? He used techniques like this to make important points.
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