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Compare your Jesus to the Real Yeshua

The Real Yeshua Project is not about creating religious groups that live like Yeshua and his fellow Jews lived 2,000 years ago. His religion was a "Temple" religion. The rabbis, after the destruction of Temple in 70 CE, confronted that issue and created a Judaism in which synagogues and homes functioned as the centers of religious activities. Yeshua's teachings provide a wealth of wisdom and values that could dramatically transform Christian churches and homes into centers of restoration and life. We created the Real Yeshua Project to provide a way for people to compare their Jesus to Yeshua and consider new options for life today.

Yeshua’s Torah Readings for This Shabbat (March 25, 2017)

Yeshua’s Torah Readings for this Shabbat are:

Exodus 12:13-28
Jeremiah 46:13-28

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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Archeologists discover 2,000-year-old ‘Emperor’s Road’ and ancient coins.

A well-preserved 2,000-year-old road dating to the Roman period was unearthed last month during archaeological excavations carried out by the Israel Antiquities Authority and students near Beit Shemesh. They also found the following coins -- one from the second year of the Great Revolt in 67 CE; one from the Umayyad period; one from the prefect of Judea, Pontius Pilate, dating to 29 CE; and a coin of Agrippa I from 41 CE, that was minted in Jerusalem. See pictures and read article at -

Monday, March 6, 2017

Yeshua's Gospel

Yeshua’s Gospel

What was Yeshua’s highest priority? In order to understand the answer to this question, you need to disengage your subconscious mind, which of course you can’t do, but try. Your subconscious mind is like the Wizard of Oz hiding behind a curtain guarding doing many things like telling your body to do many things, including protecting your BS – belief system. What is it protecting you from? At this moment it is trying to protect you from me!

You subconscious mind can interpret and respond to over 40 million nerve impulses per second, while the self-conscious mind, the thing that is processing my words right now, can only process about 40 nerve impulses per second. So, for ever second your self-conscious mind is reading my words right now, your subconscious could be process a million other things looking for things it has stored in its memory that either agree or disagree with them. The point of telling you this is to hopefully make you aware of what’s going on and help you understand why it is so hard for lots of people to make significant changes in their belief systems.

Something else that will help you understand Yeshua’s highest priority is an awareness of the role of memes in your life. Memes are pieces of information that only exist in the mind, are replicated in other minds and affect realities. A reality is the way we view and understand our world, the things in it and how they relate to each other. Your belief system is the major factor is creating your reality. Every belief is a meme.

As you read my words your subconscious mind is comparing your memes to my words to see if they match or not. It is also filling in any gaps when information is missing. My challenge is to try to get you self-conscious mind to flip a few switches and slow your subconscious mind down and get it measure your belief memes along with mine. You know, there might be a slip chance you might have acquired some wrong information about Yeshua’s top priority.

Yeshua’s core message was built around akingdom meme” -- The Great Day of Judgment is at hand, make sure you are part of the Kingdom of God! Many of the people that heard him had lived in a kingdom, even though it was controlled by a foreign empire. So, his “Kingdom” message fit matched perfectly in their “kingdom memes” and their life experiences.

Yeshua didn’t live in a democracy, you do. You don’t live in a kingdom, he did. For us, fully comprehending life in an ancient kingdom is impossible. We are used to being the center of attention in our consumer oriented democracy where it’s all about the individual. Everything revolves around the individual in our reality, but in a kingdom, the king is the center of attention and everything revolves around him. The people played no role in granting the king his authority; they believed that it came from God. The king was the primary force in molding the official realities of the kingdom. In America, individuals place their representatives in positions of power and they are actively involved in creating their own realities.

So, what do American subconscious minds do when confronted with a story wrapped in a setting of kingdom memes -- they reshape the story to neatly fit their individualized models of modern life. There are two major problems with this. First, it completely changes the story and often makes it impossible to understand the key points he made. Second, we are completely unaware of what our subconscious mind is doing. Suddenly Yeshua’s message is lost in a culture in which individual rights, freedoms and personal preferences (appetites, desires and longing) reshape his message.

The second part of Yeshua’s core message was this: On the Great Day of Judgment the king will deliver and save those in the Kingdom of God; they will enter into eternal life. Pay close attention to the words recorded in Matthew 25:31-33:

When the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the holy angels with him, then he will sit on the throne of his glory. All the nations will be gathered before him, and he will separate them one from another, as a shepherd divides his sheep from the goats. And he will set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left.

The “Son of Man” is an apocalyptic figure that will be the judge on the Great Day of Judgment. He will “sit on the throne,” which means he is “the king.” People will stand before him as “members of nations,” he will judge them and place them in two groups – those on the right are the subjects of his kingdom and those on the left are not.

So what Standard will the King use to judge the nations? Clues are found in Matthew 25:34-36:

Then the King will say to those on his right hand, “Come, you blessed of My Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world: for I was hungry and you gave me food; I was thirsty and you gave me drink; I was a stranger and you took me in; I was naked and you clothed me; I was sick and you visited me; I was in prison and you came to me.”

It is important to understand what Yeshua meant by “me.” This is what the King said to those in the group on the right (Matthew 25:40):

When you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me!

Those in the group on the left did not do the things above. This is what the King said to that group (Matthew 25:45):

Inasmuch as you did not do it to one of the least of these, you did not do it to me.

The standard is based on doing those things to members of their nation. An important clue to identifying Yeshua’s highest priority is discovering why he called the group on the right “the righteous.” How important is that definition? The “righteous of all nations” will be “delivered, saved and enter into life eternal!

So what do you think Yeshua’s highest priority was? A lot of Americans view the thing those on the right did as giving charity. Yeshua and the people in his world called it doing TZEDAQAH. As a matter of fact, we could sum up his entire message by calling it “Gospel of TZEDAQAH,” the Hebrew word usually translated “righteous.”

As I pointed out above, Americans call acts like feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, giving drink to the thirsty, visited the sick and imprisoned charity.” But there is a far cry between our meaning charity and the meaning of TZEDAQAH, beginning with that in the case of “charity” the recipient sees himself beholden to the donor, and the donor views his action as voluntary. Now consider the following things about TZEDAQAH:

(1) TZEDAQAH must be performed as a matter of obligation, not optional choices.

(2) The recipient is in no way indebted to the one doing TZEDAQAH.

(3) The needy have a right to receive TZEDAQAH.

(4) Those possessing the means of meeting their needs have a duty to give it.

(5) Even the needy who receive TZEDAQAH are obligated to give TZEDAQAH.

The hard part for our American minds to grasp is that what we previously viewed as charity, for Yeshua was a divine command with rewards and consequences attached.

Those who did acts of TZEDAQAH for the members of their nation entered eternal life, while those failed to do acts of TZEDAQAH for members of their nation entered divine punishment.

Was this something new that Yeshua came up with? The answer is “no;” it was a message everyone in his nation would have recognized. Yeshua’s message was based on memes found from the first chapter to the last of the Jewish Scriptures. TZEDAQAH is part of the TOV Standard of the Creator introduced in the first chapter of Genesis. The Creator’s Standard measures actions by whether or not they do the following:

Preserve lives, protect lives, make lives more functional
and/or increase the quality of lives.

It is important to understand this, because TZEDAQAH isn’t limited to the acts specified above.

TZEDAQAH requires a conscious decision of maintaining an awareness of the lives of those they encounter in the normal course of life, noticing when they have needs which like loneliness, fear, lack of knowing how to do something, justice, medical care, physical protection, a job, etc.

So, why don’t churches teach or Christians know Yeshua’s Gospel? The primary reason is that early non-Jewish Christians adopted a different “Gospel of Righteousness.” It was taught by Paul and his meaning of “righteousness” was based on an exclusive vision he claimed had been given to him alone and that no one before he received that vision had ever known it before – which would include the Yeshua above, all of his apostles and all of his followers. His Gospel of Righteousness required his unique beliefs about resurrection, which included that Yeshua didn’t become the “Anointed One (Christ)” until after he was resurrected and that Paul was the only true apostle because he was the only one called by the Christ.

An interesting point is that the followers of Yeshua’s Gospel of TZEDAQAH would not qualify for receiving the reward of a spiritual body like Paul promised, but followers of Paul’s Gospel would be able to enter eternal life if they did acts of TZEDAQAH. Think about that for a moment because it could have huge implications for modern Christians. Let me add an important point that is often missed from Matthew 5:20:

For I say to you, that unless your righteousness exceeds the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, you will by no means enter the Kingdom of God.

But, if scribes and Pharisees did TZADAQAH as it was taught in the Jewish Scriptures, they could be in the Kingdom of Godand continue to be scribes and Pharisees. As a matter of fact, later, we find Pharisees who are members of Yeshua’s Movement -- “But there rose up certain of the sect of the Pharisees which believed . . .” (Acts 15:5). What caused them to “rise up”? It was Paul’s Gospel.

Based on my understanding of Yeshua’s Gospel, if churches taught it instead of Paul’s, they would be much more inclusive and larger because Catholics, Protestants and even atheists people with other religious heritages could all be members of the same spiritual communities! Wow! Cogitate on that!!!

For those of us with a Christian Biblical Heritage, I believe Yeshua’s Gospel could have huge implications on life in America today and on the course of its future. Our mutually exclusive Christian theologies have divided and weakened us to the point of being irrelevant in life on earth in many cases.

Take a moment to visualize the impact of millions of Christians suddenly making Yeshua’s Gospel of TZEDAQAH their top priority and a reality in American lives. It would unleash a spiritual tsunami that would surge across the land! Thank you for taking time to read my blog.

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Jim Myers
The Real Yeshua Project

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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Understanding Our Biblical Heritages March 2017 Edition

2017 ● NUMBER 2 ● MARCH

Page 1
Are People More Concerned About “RIGHTNESS” than “RIGHTEOUSNESS”?
By Rabbi Jeffrey Leynor

Great Program at Allen Public Library

BHC News & Updates

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March Memorials
May their memories inspire us to seek those qualities of mind and heart
which they shared when we walked life’s journey together.

Page 3
What does the “Son of God” mean?
Conversations Between Ike Tennison & Jim Myers

Page 5
Lessons From the “Old” Luther:
Why Protesting Will Not Work
By Jim Myers

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Switching From Mutually Exclusive Theologies to Mutually Inclusive Values

I wanted to share something from an email conversation with you, because I think it reflects some very important things that I believe are on the minds of a lot of people these days. Below are quotes from an email I received:

“I have so much to learn it is overwhelming........and even more overwhelming is how much I need to unlearn . . . One day at a time is hard for me because in 10 years I will be 85 and then another ten I'll be 95 . . . Anyway, I am willing to put in the time to learn because I know I am stuck in a place teeming with wrong theology and I want to be rid of all the delusions, lies, and half-lies . . .”

Friday, March 3, 2017

Yeshua’s Torah Readings for This Shabbat (March 4, 2017)

Yeshua’s Torah Readings for this Shabbat are:

Exodus 7:18-8:13
Joel 3:1-13 (Christian Bible 2:28-30)

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Shabbat Shalom!