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What Does God Want People To Do?

What does God want people to do? This is obviously a loaded question, but to answer it we need to answer two more questions first.
(1) Which God?
(2) What people?
For most of my friends from the Christian heritages that I grew up with, the answer to the first question is either “Jesus” or “the Trinity.” For most of my friends from the Jewish traditions the answer is “Yahweh” or a euphemism (HaShem) for the unpronounceable name. And then there my atheists friends who say, “There is no god, so don’t worry about it!
The answers to the second question usually fall into two categories – insiders or outsiders. My Christian friends will usually ask if I am referring to Christians or non-Christians. Jewish friends will ask if I am talking about Jews or Gentiles. My atheist friends will just shake their heads. And of course, if we ask members of other religions we will get even more answers to both questions.
Since Christianity and Rabbinic Judaism trace their roots back to the Late Second Temple…