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What would Yeshua do?

What’s the difference between the above question and this one -- What would Jesus do? The obvious answer is that the difference is one word. Does that word really make a difference? It did for me. When I was preparing to become a minister I had an experience that changed my life. I had just purchased a new Bible and prayed this prayer:
God please show me what I need to know.”
Immediately this is what popped into my mind:
Unless you know how words work you can’t understand the words of your Bible.”
Was that God’s answer to my prayer or just a weird thought that came out of nowhere? That was my immediate thought. I had no idea about what to do with it, so I forgot it until a few years later when I read a book called Understanding the Difficult Words of Jesus. That was another life changing experience.
By that time I was pastor of a church. I preached and taught the words of Jesus. I preached a message of eternal salvation for all who simply believed. But after reading the book above, I …

What Kind of Jew Was Jesus?

Back in the early 1980s when we talked about Jesus being a Jew, a lot of people disagreed strongly. Some even became very angry. Today, when people say the same thing, most people completely agree. Over the past few decades so much information about the Jewish Jesus has appeared on television and in movies, as well as in numerous books, that most people would think not knowing that Jesus was Jesus sounds ridiculous. This is now something that most Christians and Jews are able to agree on. Read the complete newsletter at --