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Exploring Biblical Heritages Requires an Awareness of the Biology of Beliefs: Part 1

  Exploring Biblical Heritages requires learning what “human” means from science. No generation before us, in the history of mankind, has understood this information. It transforms the way we understand human behaviors. It is amazing to me that there are similarities between 21 st century scientific discoveries and wisdom principles embedded in the first ten chapters of Genesis. Continue reading at -
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Democracy Without Character Does Not Guarantee Good Outcomes

  Today is July 4, 2022. I was looking through blogs that Rabbi Jeffrey Leynor and I published on the TOV Center Blog and one that was published on May 10, 2017 caught my attention. It is a good reminder that much of what happens in a democracy is determined by the character of individual citizens. Read the blog at -

The Creation of the New Testament: Part 3

  After 200 CE new “Christian Scriptures” were being created in multiple places and Christians were hearing a lot of conflicting ideas. This is clearly seen in writings of the Early Church Fathers . Keep in mind that at that time there was no central body of Christian authority, no single standard to judge books by, and no “ Doctrine of the Inerrancy of Scriptures .” Continue reading at -

The Story of the Creation of the New Testament: Part 2

  What do you know about Marcion or Irenaeus? Marcion created the first new Christian Scriptures that only had one Gospel. Irenaeus created another version of Christian Scriptures that had four Gospels. There were over 100 Gospels circulating among other Christian groups at that time. Irenaeus is why New Testaments today have four Gospels – instead of 1 or 100 Gospels . Continue reading at –

The Story of the Creation of the New Testament: Part 1

If there was no New Testament, what would we know about Jesus, the apostles, or Paul? How many Christian religions would exist now? The answer to the first question is “ nothing .” The answer to the second question is “ none .” Considering the importance of these answers, it is amazing that very few Christians know anything about the history of the New Testament. Continue reading at -  

Exploring Beliefs About Jesus Requires Much More than a Bible

  BHC’s Exploring Our Biblical Heritages is different from most discussions about Jesus and religions. Facts about the biological processes of the brain and the roles that governments, money, and power played in his life and in the religious institutions that created our beliefs about him are essential. Continue reading at -

Discover the Power of Praying or Meditating on The Our Father Prayer

  I encourage those with Christian biblical heritages and who value the teachings of the Jewish Jesus , to make The Our Father Prayer and the Meditations part of your daily rituals. I also encourage those who are not interested in praying the prayer to make the Meditations part of your daily rituals. In order for a democratic society to survive and thrive, members must have something they share in common and be committed to it. Continue reading at -