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You Shall Come Up From Your Graves and . . . .

If there is one universal fact in human life -- it is death. Death has been a major topic in all cultures from the beginning of recorded history. The thing that cultures and religions disagree on about death is what happens after death. I mean different groups in the same religion don’t even agree about what happens after death.
This is was the situation back when the Real Yeshua was preaching and teaching in Galilee and Judea. The Sadducees taught that after death everyone went to Sheol. Job gives us a glimpse of the way the ancient Hebrews viewed Sheolthe abode of the dead -- in Job 10:20-22.
Are not my days few? Cease then, and let me alone, that I may take comfort a little before I go whence I shall not return, even to the land of darkness and the shadow of death; a land of darkness, as darkness itself; and of the shadow of death, without any order, and where the light is as darkness.
The author of Psalm 115 (verses 16-17) shared Job’s view -- or Job shared his view -- of Sheol.
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“The Real Yeshua” or a “Gentile Jesus”?

I have been involved in this discussion about the Jewish Jesus for almost 30 years now and am amazed at how “Fact-Proof” religious people are. In the mid-1980s when someone on a TV show mentioned “the Jewish Jesus,” it would generate thousands of letters and postcards from people wanting to correct the idiot that said it – “Jesus was a Christian not a Jew!” By 2000, thanks to the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, PBS, etc., the tide shifted and when someone mentioned the “Jewish Jesus” people would say, “Of course Jesus is Jewish.”
The problem is that people seemed to think that “Jewish” was an “ethnic thing”, not a “BS thing.” Oh yeah, BS means Belief System. They talked about a Jewish Jesus, but kept saying that he taught a bunch of “un-Jewish things”!
People like Marcion, Justin, Origen, Tertullian, Arius, Athanasius, Constantine, Eusebius and Augustine contributed memes from their Gentile cultures and reinterpreted his words into ideas and beliefs Gentiles could relate to. I…

What would Yeshua do?

What’s the difference between the above question and this one -- What would Jesus do? The obvious answer is that the difference is one word. Does that word really make a difference? It did for me. When I was preparing to become a minister I had an experience that changed my life. I had just purchased a new Bible and prayed this prayer:
God please show me what I need to know.”
Immediately this is what popped into my mind:
Unless you know how words work you can’t understand the words of your Bible.”
Was that God’s answer to my prayer or just a weird thought that came out of nowhere? That was my immediate thought. I had no idea about what to do with it, so I forgot it until a few years later when I read a book called Understanding the Difficult Words of Jesus. That was another life changing experience.
By that time I was pastor of a church. I preached and taught the words of Jesus. I preached a message of eternal salvation for all who simply believed. But after reading the book above, I …

What Kind of Jew Was Jesus?

Back in the early 1980s when we talked about Jesus being a Jew, a lot of people disagreed strongly. Some even became very angry. Today, when people say the same thing, most people completely agree. Over the past few decades so much information about the Jewish Jesus has appeared on television and in movies, as well as in numerous books, that most people would think not knowing that Jesus was Jesus sounds ridiculous. This is now something that most Christians and Jews are able to agree on. Read the complete newsletter at --

Different Beliefs about the Kingdom of Heaven

Kingdom of Heaven Series #2 Different Beliefs about the Kingdom of Heaven
This is the second of a series of blogs about the meaning of the Kingdom of Heaven to Yeshua and his followers. The Kingdom of Heaven was a hot topic before and during the time of Yeshua. It was connected to two beliefs that had grown in popularity – the arrival of the Anointed One (Mashiach / Messiah) and the Son of Man. Since the invasion of the Assyrians and the exile of members of Israel (the Northern Kingdom) in the 8th century BCE, the prophets had been prophesying that God would free the Jewish homeland from the yoke of foreign oppressors. After the fall of the Southern Kingdom and the destruction of the First Temple in 586 BCE, the prophets continued to promise that at some point in the future God would redeem the land and return it to his people.
There have been a number of “foreign oppressors” in the history of Israel, but at the time of Yeshua it was the Roman Empire that was the problem. Fervor over cla…

What the Kingdom of Heaven is and is not.

Kingdom of Heaven Series #1 What the Kingdom of Heaven is and is not.
A primary difference between the Yeshua Movement and other Jewish sects was Yeshua’s Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven. This is the first of a series of blogs about what the Kingdom of Heaven meant to Yeshua and his followers. Understanding the principles and values embedded in Yeshua’s Kingdom of Heavenmessage has the power to transform lives today – without need of the tangled web of institutional theologies and Christology’s that have been attached to it over the past 2,000 years.
Let’s begin by addressing two very important points:
(1) The Kingdom of Heaven is not a reference to a “kingdom in a place called Heaven.”
(2) The Kingdom of Heaven is not a reference about “going to Heaven when you die.”
When Yeshua usually used the word translated “Heaven” he use it as a euphemism for “God.”
A euphemism is a word or phrase used instead of another word or phrase that members of the intended audience might find offensive.