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Did Changing the Names of Days Make a Difference?

Did changing the names of days make a difference in the cultures and lives of our ancestors? Does calling today “The Sixth Day of Creation,” or, “The Day of goddess Venus,” or, “The Day of goddess Frigg,” or just “Friday” make a difference?

Did you know there was more than one Christ?

For people with a Christian biblical heritage like mine, that may sound like heresy or blasphemy. From the time I began attending Sunday School classes at our Baptist church until after I became an ordained minister, I had only heard about one “Christ” -- Jesus Christ. Read complete email at --

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What are Jots and Tittles?

What was Jesus talking about when he said “jot or tittle”? The first thing to always remember when you read the words of Jesus in English is that Jesus didn’t speak English. Discovering what a “jot” is reveals much more than just the meaning of the word – it reveals the language he was speaking. Clicking on this link to read the complete article

Exploring Biblical Heritages or Defending Unexamined Beliefs?

In July it “hit me” that it was in August of 1980 that I began the journey that led to the founding of the Biblical Heritage Center in 1999 -- and the work we do today. I really couldn’t believe that thirty-nine years have passed since I prayed the prayer that launched my journey. If you missed that article, click here to read it.
Over the past few weeks I have ventured back into remote areas of BHC’s large databases. Some of that information goes back to 1985. I literally hadn’t seen some of those files in decades. But seeing them again and thinking about that information in light of what I now know was a very enlightening experience. I realized that my mindset had changed dramatically without my being aware of it. Click here to read the complete article.

Does Your Belief System Include These Facts About “The Bible”?

Participants in BHC Bible studies and discussion groups agree to follow this guideline:
My Belief System will be large enough to include all of the facts, open enough to be examined and questioned, and flexible enough to change if errors or new facts are discovered.
An important skill participants learn is how to make accurate distinctions between fact-based statements, institutional beliefs, individual beliefs and random opinions. Now let’s learn about some facts about the Bible.
The first fact about “the Bible” is that “the Bible” is an Identity Meme used by Christians to refer to “Christian Scriptures.” “Scriptures” in this context refers to “canonized writings by an institution with authority.”
When Jesus referred to “Scriptures” he was referring writings called the Torah, Prophets and Psalms. In addition he quoted from other books that are in the Tanakh (Jewish Scriptures today). The books of the Tanakh are found in “Christian Scripture” where they are called “the Old Testament.

The Beginning of My 39-Year Journey!

The Beginning of My 39-Year Journey! By Jim Myers

Me Back Then!
Thirty-nine years ago this month I began the journey that led to the work we do today at the Biblical Heritage Center. In my wildest dreams I could have never imagined where that journey would lead. If you would like to understand the motivation behind many of the things I have done and written about for almost 40 years, read the opening chapter of my story at --
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August 10th and the Destruction of the Jerusalem Temples

Tisha B’Av Begin August 10th at Sundown
From sunset August 10th until nightfall August 11th is Tisha B'Av – the Remembrances of the destruction of the First and Second Temples. Although a large number of disasters are said to have befallen the Jews on this day, the major commemoration is of the destruction of the First and Second Temples in Jerusalem in 586 BCE and 70 CE, respectively. Central to the observance of this day is fasting. Although the exact date of the destruction of each of the Temples–the ancient centers of Jewish life and practice –are unknown, tradition dates the events to Tisha B’Av – the 9th of the Jewish month of Av.
For more information read “The Temple and Its Destruction” –
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LORD or Lord or Something else? (BHC Power Bible Study)

We just launched BHC Power Bible Studies. They are short, focused and designed to fit in busy schedules. Use them at home alone or with family members, when you travel, in the workplace, at church, over lunch, on social media with friends, etc.
The first BHC Power Bible Study is LORD or Lord or Something Else? It focuses on Psalm 110:1, a verse Jesus quoted in a discussion with a scribe at the Temple -- “The Lord said to my Lord . . .” Find out what the words “LORD” and “Lord” mean. Go to the BHC Power Bible Studies Page on our website at --