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Do not invite a Roman General to join a Jewish fight!

Salome Alexandra (139-67 BCE), whose Hebrew name was Shelamzion, was a descendant of the Hasmonean family (Maccabees).  She was the wife of Alexander Jannai and they had two sons, Hyrcanus II and Aristobulus II. In her husband’s will, she became head of the secular government, while the high priesthood was given to his oldest son, Hyrcanus II. Alexander considered the Pharisees his enemies.
During Shalome’s nine-year reign she completely reversed her late husband’s position and included Pharisees into her government. One of her major appointments was Shimon ben Shetah, leader of the Pharisees, as joint head of the Great Sanhedrin. She also allowed the Oral Law of the Pharisees to be incorporated with the Torah as the law of her royal court. 
Aristobulus aggressively challenged the authority of his brother, but his mother took military action to stop him -- setting off another Jewish civil war. She did not live long enough to see how the chain of events that would not only take the lives…

One Idea Ezra, Jesus and Thomas Jefferson Agreed On!

One idea lays the foundation upon which Judaism, Christianity and the United States of America are built. It acts like the light of a lighthouse to keep individuals and collectives from crashing into unseen dangers. That idea is recorded in documents written by survivors of those crashes and their words are like maps they passed down to their descendants to prevent them from sailing into the same dangerous waters. The first map is in the Torah, the second is in the Synoptic Gospels and the third is in the Declaration of Independence. Read the complete blog at --

God and American Democracy