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Who Was the First Christ of the Bible and What Kind of Christ was Jesus?

A common assumption among people is that Christ was the last name of Jesus. There are two good reasons for this assumption.
(1) In our culture people are normally identified by two names, i.e., John Smith.
(2) In the English New Testaments most people read, he was called Jesus Christ.

Now let’s turn to the word “Christ” which we read in our Bibles. The first thing we must understand is that every English Bible is called a translation. The translators worked from ancient Greek manuscripts to make their translations. In those ancient manuscripts, when they saw the Greek word below they wrote “Christ” in their translation.

When you compare ancient manuscripts of books of the Bible to translations of those books, you will discover that translators have four options for working with the ancient words.
(1) translatewrite the meaning of the ancient Greek word.
(2) transliteratewrite the equivalent English letters of the Greek letters of the ancient Greek word.
(3) ignoreignore the ancient …

Would Jesus Want People to “BELIEVE IN” Him or “BELIEVE” Him?

What is the difference between “BELIEVING IN” Jesus and “BELIEVING” Jesus? Which would Jesus want Christians today to do? How does one little word “IN” change everything? How does it affect the quality of life for not only the 2 billion Christians in the world, but that of the other 5+ billion people they share the planet with? How does the “IN” affect the very meaning of what a Christian is, what a church does and what being a Christian nation means?
This is the single most important question that individual Christians and members of churches must answer – and they need to do ASAP! Why? Because the “IN” determines what Christians Value the Most & Where they Focus their Actions.

Church memberships have been in a steady decline for years, but Christianity is still one of the largest collectives in the world – and without question the largest in America! If just 3 Christians out of 10 decide “BELIEVING” Jesus is the answer and acted together – their impact would be tremendous on ind…

The Real Yeshua Shabbat Torah Readings for 02/13/16

The Torah portion Yeshua would on the next Shabbat (February 13th) in the synagogue is called Terumah which means gift or offering:
Exodus 25:1-26:30 + Isaiah 66 Exodus 26:31-27:19 + Ezekiel 16:10-19

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The Real Yeshua Shabbat Torah Readings for 02/06/16

One of the first conflicts in the Yeshua Movement after the crucifixion was over the question of whether Gentiles should be required to convert to Judaism before they would be able to become members of the Movement? The famous Jerusalem Council of the apostles and elders ruled that they would not be required to convert, but they were required to follow these laws (Acts 15:19-21):
(1) abstain from things polluted by idols
(2) abstain from sexual immorality
(3) abstain fromthings strangled
(4) abstain fromblood
(5) keep the Shabbat by going to synagogues; listen to the Torah being read and discussed
Follow the Torah Reading Schedule every week and learn the Scriptures that Yeshua and his Jewish followers heard every week in their synagogues. Look for references to them in the teachings of Yeshua and discover his interpretations. The readings for February 6th are:
Exodus 21:1-22:25 + Jeremiah 34:1
Exodus 22:26-23:33 + Isaiah 49:3
Exodus 24:1-18 + Isaiah 60:17-61:9
Readings are also available on …