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Yeshua’s Views of the Kingdom of Heaven

“Heaven” was a well-known euphemism, among many others, for the name “Yahweh” in the Jewish culture of Yeshua. Below are comments about what the Kingdom of Heaven meant to Yeshua:
(1) It was not only the eschatological (end times) rule of God that would come in the future.
(2)  It was already on the earth now.
(3) It was a divinely willed movement that will spread among people throughout the earth.
(4) It was more than just simply a matter of God’s kingship in Israel.
(5) It was also the domain of his rule.
(6) It was an expanding realm embracing ever more and more people.
(7) It was a realm into which one may enter and find one’s inheritance.
(8) It was a realm where there are both great and small.
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The Lost Part of Yeshua’s Message

What happens if a three legged stool loses a leg? Yeshua’s movement and message were built on Three Foundational Values -- TESHUVAH (repentance), MISHPAT (justice) and TZEDAQAH (righteousness).  Knowing what these meant to Yeshua and his first century Jewish audience is essential for Christians today – who base their beliefs on Jesus.
One fact is very clear, one cannot believe in the Jesus who lived and taught in Galilee and Judea without clearly understanding what he taught. Today, the Christian message alludes to his teachings on TESHUVAH and TZEDAQAH, but the cornerstone of his message – MISHPAT -- is completely missing. This would be incomprehensible to him, his apostles, members of his movement and the rest of the Jewish nation of that time.
Below are overviews of those three foundational Values.
(1) TESHUVAH (repentance) -- The root word, SHUV, simply means “turn around” -- if someone is going the wrong way they must turn around and go the right way. TESHUVAH is prerequisite for d…